The Moon Coin by Richard Due & Carolyn Arcabascio

The Moon Coin

By Richard Due & Carolyn Arcabascio

  • Release Date: 2011-08-26
  • Genre: Children's Fiction
Score: 5
From 13 Ratings
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"Tales, unlike stories, never lie. You see, a tale is an account of things in their due order, often divulged secretly, or as gossip. Would you like to hear one?" —Lord Autumn

Uncle Ebb was so good at telling his tales of the Moon Realm that sometimes it sounded like he’d been there himself.

As children, Lily and Jasper listened raptly to his bedtime tales of a place where nine moons swirled around one another, each inhabited by strange and wondrous beings: magical lunamancers; undersea merfolk; wise birds; winged dragons; and Lily’s favorite, the heroic, leonine Rinn.

There was only one rule: don’t tell a soul.

But now, years later, Uncle Ebb is missing. Lily has learned the secret behind the tales, and soon Jasper will too. But there’s one big problem. You see, something terrible has happened in the Moon Realm. . . .

Featuring twenty-two stunning full-color illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio. Volume One of the fantasy adventure series The Moon Realm.


  • Great book for all ages 8+

    By normaltype1976
    First Read. Just want to thank you to Richard Due, and Gibbering Gnome Press for the opportunity to read a signed copy of this book. This book is for young readers (which I didn't realize when I entered the contest) and while I was undecided about entering the contest I thought the description was intriguing. There were some references/reviews that it was many other books wrapped up in one story which sounded like it was right up my alley. I'm a YA/Adult sci-fi & fantasy reader. When I won the first read contest for this book and realized it was more of a children's book, I'll admit I was a little disappointed. Out of all the contests I entered this is the book I won. But I decided I would read the book and give an honest and unbiased review. I'm laughing at myself now. Boy am I glad I won this book otherwise I never would have picked it up off a shelf, if it was even in my sections. While I can see where people would find similarities to other stories/writers (which I won't bother naming), and I won't lie I saw some also, I really thought this book was original, imaginative and creative. I like the book itself and its art/illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio. Very colorful, creative and high quality print work on semigloss pages and the front and back cover flaps. I was really impressed by the quality. I'm 36 years old I can safely say this book is enjoyable for all ages except the very young. Chapter by chapter this would make for a great bedtime story. The story itself was fascinating, rich and descriptive without boring the reader. The characters were appealing and well developed. My only disappointment were the climaxes. They were there but I didn't find them gripping. They didn't make me sweat or make my heart race or keep me turning pages like some books I've read and this is why I didn't give the book 5 stars. Maybe its my age? Regardless, I still found the story interesting, enough that I kept turning pages, wondering what would happen next and I wasn't disappointed. Well, I don't want to bore everyone to death...nothing worse than a review that's too long. I can safely say this is a wonderful book for all except the very young and I can tell you now that I will be reading the sequels to this book and I'm looking forward to it.
  • B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

    By indieBRAG
    We are proud to announce that The Moon Coin by Richard Due is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money!
  • Top Three of MY Fave Children's Books!!!!

    By SanityEludesMe
    Lily and Jasper’s Uncle Ebb is full of mystery and fabulously imaginative tales—uh, stories packed with dragons, merfolk, giants, and faeries. But, it is all just fun and bedtime stories or so they believe. When Uncle Ebb vanishes, Lily and Jasper stumble upon something much more powerful than they could have imagined. Lily is swept into a world she knows so very well but could not have believed truly existed. There’s no denying it now. Not only do she and her brother have to find their uncle, they must also help unite the moons of the Realm and bring prosperity and peace once again. This book is one of the reasons why I absolutely love my “job”; I get to read these incredible (all too often undiscovered) gems and share them with all my friends and family! I never turn down a good children’s/YA book, so I immediately told Richard I would certainly love to read and review his book. I cannot express to you how impressed I have been! If I had to compare The Moon Coin to any other work, I’d say it is a cross between Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. It reads very well for middle grade and younger YA, like Narnia, with the immense fantasy of LOTR. The imagery is so captivating, Lily is so mature, and the reader is swept along her adventure as if we are riding the Rinn or facing the dragon ourselves. It is everything you want a great fantasy to be and then some. I shared this book with my six-year-old as our bedtime story this week. I would read to him until he went to sleep, then continue reading ahead. The next evening, I would condense the parts I had read and then continue on with the next chapters. He was always full of fantastic questions about the story and the characters involved. He loved the illustrations and, of course, wished there were more. I actually do too, but everything is told so well, I had no trouble whatsoever imagining the story for myself. The Moon Coin most certainly rates up there with my absolute favorite books and is in the top three of my favorite children’s books. I hope Richard will publish a print version! Everyone must give this one a try; you won’t be disappointed. Mr. Due, PLEASE don’t take long getting the next in the series ready for us J... There are so many mysteries to be solved, I may simply burst with anticipation!
  • Magical!

    By Carolyn Arcabascio
    The Moon Coin is a gem of a book. The characters we meet in the Moon Realm are as engaging and unforgettable as the rich, fantastical worlds they live in. I say this not just as the illustrator of the chapter art, but as a true fan of Richard Due's distinct voice and vast imagination. The Moon Coin is an exciting read not just for young readers, but for anyone in the market for a magical tale that's masterfully written. Can't wait for more of the Moon Realm!
  • They're moons. Or they're planets. OR THEY'RE MOON PLANETS.

    By KindaLikeTheBeatles
    I was going to try to do a whole Trogdor-themed review, but the lyrics just aren't coming to me. SO - Lily and Jasper go into their Uncle's house when they aren't supposed to, which leads to them finding his Mysterious Necklace that they've never ever been allowed to see, which leads to Lily getting accidentally transported to the setting of all of the bedtime tales their Uncle used to tell them against their parents wishes. Which leads to ADVENTURE. And RUNNING FOR HER LIFE. And me, not regretting a second of frantic reading.
  • Older than dirt, and I still love it!

    By Jerx42
    Even though I am six times the target age for this book, I absolutely love it. Due is a true wordsmith that could make the phone book sound interesting! Anxiously awaiting more from this new author.
  • LOVED IT!!!

    By Surf 4 fun
    What a beautifull written story that captures your imagination from page one. The intricate details provided by the author are so intriguing that it really was difficult for me to put the book down. You are immediately immersed in such an elaborate world that it completely fills your mind's eye! In addition, the illustrations are fabulous! I would love to see this book, in fact the series, turned into a movie!!! I am approaching 50 years old and feel the book is quite appropriate for a wide age range, from middle school aged kids to us young at heart older folks. I do hope to see more from Richard Due in the future!
  • Loved it

    By RockHillFarm
    I received this book as a Christmas present and was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The world is cleverly crafted and the characters are very likable. The story pulled me in and immediately after reading the first book I had to buy the second and am now eagerly awaiting the third. Very well written and so much fun to read!
  • Couldn't Put It Down

    By Arodhwen
    In spite of the fact that I am older than the target age for this novel, I adored it. The settings and characters are intriguing and beautifully described, the characters worm their way into your heart, and the mystery of it all grabs you and insists that you hang around to see it unravel. At a certain point, I found that I simply could not stop reading. In fact, on my first read (yes, I've already read it more than once!) I only stopped when my eyes were burning with exhaustion and the words were beginning to blur. The only thing I could possibly dislike about this brilliant book is that I can't yet purchase the sequel! This is clearly a story crafted with great passion and care. A must-have for any fan of epic fantasy or epic-ness in general.
  • action-packed fantasy adventure

    By ohsofallible
    The Moon Coin kicks off what looks to be a fun, exciting, well-thought-out new series. The writing is engaging throughout and the characters appealing. The pacing is nicely balanced between action and description. Since it's a world-building novel, it needs to introduce many characters and essentially a brand-new cosmos, but it succeeds in keeping the plot cranking at the same time. The book ends with a major character potentially in peril, so let's see Book 2 soon!