Why I Believe in God by Silvio Famularo

Why I Believe in God

By Silvio Famularo

  • Release Date: 2011-08-08
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 4
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This booklet simply explains the reasons why I believe and why you too should believe in God. Here is one example: Everything in the universe has a pattern that reveals a designer. Scientific experimentation is only possible because of the consistency and reliability of those patterns and laws. If it wasn't God, who, or what, designed them? It's foolish to think that the laws of nature are all the result of chance. If the prevailing rule is that things happen by chance, then it's necessary that there should be chances that things won’t happen. Keeping this in mind, what do you think the chances are that the sun won't rise at exactly the same time as it did today on this same day next year?


  • Evidence

    By 2daniell
    I started reading and was carried away by his lack of evidence and his use of bible scriptures to back up God. If course the bible will support God, not because God wrote the bible, but because the man who started writing the bible created God. He also stated that we have faith in the pilot before we enter. We do not have faith in the pilot, we have faith in the process, a good pilot in a faulty plane does no good. He also asked what is there to lose if we were to accept that God does exist. There is too much at stake here, human development and technological development rests on people not wanting to believe that God has answers to everything and coming up with answers for themselves. Another question I have for the writer is this,why are there so many churches with different teachings. Why? The reason why many people feel that there is a being is because of pride. We do not want to accept the good for what we have done and so we blame it on a God. If I am driving and I almost have an accident, I will not say " I am a good driver"because that will make me look proud even though that is the truth, but I will say "thank god", many people die daily through accidents, if they drove like you did, they would not have died. Is Christianity bad? Not really, I am a Christian but I don't thing God does exist. Christianity creates a base of morality, so if you are reading this and you are a Christian, then continue. Going to heaven and coming back is not prove that God exist, the picture of heaven has already been created and anyone who says he or she went there will say the same thing. So that makes no sense. I guess God really does no harm, nor does he any good.
  • Ok

    By Po40
    Pretty good, not the worst I've read. Read The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven for a good God-proving expeirence.