Horus Rising by Dan Abnett

Horus Rising

By Dan Abnett

  • Release Date: 2014-04-24
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 234 Ratings
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What can be said about Horus Rising that hasn’t been said before? The Horus Heresy was a brand new venture, and had it not been for Dan’s masterful portrayal of the Warmaster as a force for good, the series might not have taken off in the way did.

The Story
At the dawn of the 31st millennium, the Imperium of Man has reasserted its dominance over the galaxy. It is a golden age of rediscovery and conquest, and the Emperor’s Great Crusade has placed his superhuman primarch sons at the head of the mighty Space Marine Legions – the most powerful military force ever assembled. Newly promoted to serve as the Emperor’s Warmaster, the idealistic Horus now stands above his brothers, even as the Crusade enters what must surely be its final stages and dark, cosmic truths begin to reveal themselves. Far beyond the alien threat of malignant xenos breeds or rogue human civilisations, a war now looms that could threaten the final extinction of mankind... The first novel in the epic series, detailing the fall of mankind at the peak of the Great Crusade. Warmaster Horus leads his Legion in the name of the Emperor... but for how long?


  • Bravo.

    By Woodsmanjosh
    Incredible, well written. Inspiring. If you like this, check out Gaunts Ghosts and Eisenhorn.
  • Personality

    By c.m.greer
    This book is terrific. Dramatic, powerful, and engrossing. It really gives the 30th milenia personality. $16 is a bit steep though.
  • Save money, buy the hardcopy.

    By Big Ben PDX
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Dan Abnett and I love this series. I own the whole series at home and like most people, I am starting to slowly transition a lot of what I have to digital copies so I can take my library with me. But double the cost of a physical copy? I don’t think so. The whole point of a digital copy is it’s supposed to be less costly on both the customer and the retailers side. This is blatent price gouging. If you you’re looking for a good copy of the book and want the best bang for your buck, check out some good used copies on Amazon or Powell’s. $5 a copy vs $16. Do the math.
  • Rating of ebook not novel

    By The Weirding Way
    The story is great and the universe is better. In this case, the value simply isn't there for the price they're asking. The price hike seems to be a way to standardize sales from Black Library. It's terribly disappointing and not at all in line with the market.
  • Great book...don't buy

    By Ryan Chris
    Don't buy....Price gouging galore....an ebook should never be more than a print edition.Never... Come on now (Games Workshop/Black library) give up the margin... or at least sell a bundle pack on iTunes...for the price of a print edition $7.99 not $15.99...you greedy idiots!!!!
  • Great story, outrageous price

    By Badmonkeycw
    Don't get me wrong, Horus Rising is probably one of my all time favorite reads. I will probably read the cover right off my paperback edition of his awesome tale. However, Black Library's continued ramping up the prices for all their books is getting too painful to ignore. Reprinting short stories from anthologies as stand alone hard cover books. The reprinting and repricing of the original paperbacks at $16 it's just too much. I'd rather just get a replacement from Amazon or a brick and mortar store worst case. Buyer beware when buying new horus heresy novels. Double check the page count. You may be buying less than 150 pages of book for 14$
  • WTH?

    By Batory0022
    Don't buy...price recently doubled over original price with nothing new...just Black Library price gouging its customers....
  • Heresy

    By Rhothy
    This book was my first expedition into the 40k books pre heresy and it was great. I love the way that the war master and his primarchs are each very distinguished well thought through developed characters. I can't wait to start on the next one

    By 1554
    Well written, I only caught two typos. Engaging story.
  • Amazing!!!!!!

    By Kyle Jacobson
    It's just amazing!!!!