Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

  • Release Date: 2007-07-31
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
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Five hundred years before the birth of Jesus, a God-realized being named Lao-tzu in ancient China dictated 81 verses, which are regarded by many as the ultimate commentary on the nature of our existence. The classic text of these 81 verses, called the Tao Te Ching or the Great Way, offers advice and guidance that is balanced, moral, spiritual, and always concerned with working for the good.

In this book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has reviewed hundreds of translations of the Tao Te Ching and has written 81 distinct essays on how to apply the ancient wisdom of Lao-tzu to today’s modern world. This work contains the entire 81 verses of the Tao, compiled from Wayne’s researching of 12 of the most well-respected translations of text that have survived for more than 25 centuries. Each chapter is designed for actually living the Tao or the Great Way today. Some of the chapter titles are “Living with Flexibility,” “Living Without Enemies,” and “Living by Letting Go.” Each of the 81 brief chapters focuses on living the Tao and concludes with a section called “Doing the Tao Now.”

Wayne spent one entire year reading, researching, and meditating on Lao-tzu’s messages, practicing them each day and ultimately writing down these essays as he felt Lao-tzu wanted you to know them.

This is a work to be read slowly, one essay a day. As Wayne says, “This is a book that will forever change the way you look at your life, and the result will be that you’ll live in a new world aligned with nature. Writing this book changed me forever, too. I now live in accord with the natural world and feel the greatest sense of peace I’ve ever experienced. I’m so proud to present this interpretation of the Tao Te Ching, and offer the same opportunity for change that it has brought me.”


  • Blessings

    By C-Quiksurf
    Practicing the Tao has not only changed me but transformed my life. Dr. Wayne Dyer could have not been any more inspiring. He helped me through a dark road and finding my Tao. Thank you
  • Life changing

    By remember the king
    Before I read this book, I would walk my dog and try to get him to hurry up, not stop at every tree or bush, and make him go my way. After reading this book, I let my dog lead the way and he ends up pulling me along as I stare at everything in awe and appreciate life and everything in it. Thank you Dr. Dyer.
  • Awesome book, half way done.

    By Jason DiUlio
    THis is my second book and this is a must, I am taking things on moment at a time,
  • Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life...

    By Benjamin; r/of Adonai
    namaste- Well, as I type this during election season, when "your party" is great and the other party stinks.... guess what? Since Feb.2012 when I read this gem in 1.5 days (My 'bad' Wayne, I couldn't put it down) I have had a 360º. A little background. I was retired from my Ca. city police job with a bad back/neck. I was retired at age 41. Shortly after being retired from a JOB I loved and the $100K+ didn't hurt either, I was then diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With that diagnosis it brought my prescription medication total to 7 and a monthly nut of $1200. (I was a Fed. before my City coppin job, I'd opine the "avg. American Family is 1 medical emergency away from bankruptcy, but I digress) Since reading the aforementioned I too type you in "perfect health" Fentanyl® and Norco® for pain; EffexorXL® and Remeron® for PTSD; Atenolol® for hypertension; Lipitor® for High Cholesterol and who woulda thunk that ingesting all that poison makes it hard to... #1) sleep or #2) erectile dysfunction? Thanks... #1 and it was Ambien® Now I'm off of all of the meds! Tired of the balogna (hey baloney is erroneously underlined as "wrong") that Politics is? Check out #75 of the Tao When taxes are too high, people go hungry. When the government is too intrusive, The people lose their spirit. Act for the people's benefit; trust them, leave them alone... The Tao is "The Way" but each self has a different "path" Since The Tao led me to Ayurveda, that led me to even deeper meditation into now having a one/one relationship with Adonai, before there was a Mother Earth.. "Your Path" may vary but "I kid you not" and maybe the most pleasure (so far! But remember we are all eternal, so "so far" will have to suffice) was "firing" 3 different Doctors... B/P is 110/68; choles: 153 I can now move my neck! I also got bit by a brown recluse spider and nothing happened. I even took it as far as "shunning $" and besides the $1200/month I'm saving on RX meds from Big Pharma®, I found a few various denominations on the floor of the KMart® and gave the $1.00 on the outside, bigger numbers inside, to the first person I saw... namaste
  • Excellent book

    By Tdmfl
    A must read book that reveals the ego-related clutter that occupies our thoughts and as a consequence, our quality of existence. Excellent ongoing study material!!
  • Great book!

    By The Paterfamilias
    Very insightful! It gives leaders a lot to think about in terms of how to govern and how to be humane to one another. I am changed. I want to be like water.