Sin (Vegas Nights, #1) by Emma Hart

Sin (Vegas Nights, #1)

By Emma Hart

  • Release Date: 2017-07-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 25 Ratings
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Sex. Lust. Lies.
New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart, brings the heat and heart in a brand-new series of sexy standalone novels, starting with SIN...

Damien Fox lived up to his name.
Cunning, sly, and dangerous, fifty percent of Vegas’ strip clubs were his.
Whatever he wanted, money, attention, women, he got.
And now he wanted to buy my bar, no matter the cost.
I wanted him to go to hell on a first-class ticket.
He played a dirty game, and I followed his rules. I let him think he would win.
Despite our differences, it was clear to see that we were no more than two broken hearts colliding in the darkness.
Closed off, sexy, and holding a pain that would crush a lesser man, he was the ultimate sin.
One I couldn’t deny myself, even though I knew better than to trust a fox...

(SIN is book one of the Vegas Nights series. Each book in this series is a standalone novel.)


  • Great Book

    By Sub Kay
    Emma Hart is a great writer. I couldn’t put this book down until it was finished.
  • I'm ready to SIN

    By turtlegirl1022
    The Double Ds. This is what I have coined Delilah and Damien! SIN is another great book from Emma. There is intrigue, awesome dialogue, and wonderful characters! I'm looking forward to more!
  • I'd SIN with Damien any day

    By thewhisperingpages
    No surprise here....this book screamed sexy to me right from the cover and boy did it deliver! Emma Hart captivated me with Damien and Dahlia's quick witted banter itself was enough to heat up the pages but pair it with sexual tension and sass and you definitely have the makings of an amazing read. Once again Emma delivers a sexy "SIN-Ful" story that takes you through a myriad of emotion that will have you cursing and swooning for Damien Fox all at the same time. What I like most about this book is that its the beginning of a new series but I love that she lets us visit with some of her characters from another series.....{ahhhhh West} If you love damaged alpha's and heroines that are straight shooters you will love the dialogue and interactions with Dahlia and Damien. Once they move past the pain of their pasts things heat up to a totally different level. Don't take my word for it....go #1click and become a sinner like me
  • Review: Vegas Nights 1: Sin

    By @LisaHines711
    Sin by Emma Hart is the first book in her brand new Vegas Nights series. Set in the same Vegas world as her Stripped series with brief cameos from both Mia and West, this is a wonderful sexy, romantic tale of a strong, independently wealthy business woman holding her own in her business and personal life against the misogynistic older men and the oblivious younger one who is worming his way into her life and her heart. Dahlia is tough as nails - mostly. Having just lost her father and taken over ownership of Scarlett's Letter, a bar built for her mother by her father and her sole connection to them both, she is dead set against the offers to buy that the Fox men keep throwing her way. Damien's father is demanding he push Dahlia to sell. He tries, for his father's sake, but realizes early on she isn't the pushover his father believes her to be. Quickly becoming more interested in spending time with Dahlia than trying to buy her bar the two develop a shaky sort of understanding. Until the past comes back to haunt them both. Realizing they have to deal with their demons before they can deal with each other this story takes you on their journey, every emotionally upheaving step of it. Another effing fabulous story from one of my favorite authors - an absolute must-read. Enjoy!
  • Hot! Hot! Hot!

    By linzreadz13
    Emma Hart sure knows how to start off a series with a bang! Damien Fox has completely rocked my world and I couldn’t get enough of this new, Vegas Nights universe. After losing both of her parents, Dahlia, becomes the owner of The Scarlet Letter, a bookworm’s dream! Books and booze, how can it get better than that?!?! Like all of Emma’s heroines, she is sassy, sarcastic, and isn’t one to mess with. She meets her match with Damien Fox and I couldn’t get enough! Damien Fox comes in with a cold hearted, no patience, attitude. He is such a frustrating man. He’s arrogant and frustrating and is used to getting exactly what he wants, when he wants it. Owning 50% of Vegas’ strip clubs, he now has his eyes set on The Scarlet Letter. The problem is, he doesn't know what he’s getting himself into with Dahlia. The battle for the bar heats up in more ways than one! Dahlia and Damien’s story was fantastic. The emotions ran thick: I would be laughing so hard my stomach hurt and then I would be glaring at my Kindle in anger but then another second later, I’d be close to tearing up because it was so real and raw. They were the perfect combination with hot as heck chemistry. I’m surprised my kindle didn’t catch on fire. I can never get over how Emma seems to perfectly balance heat, humor, and heart. It must be the pink hair! Do yourself a favor. Grab a nice drink, a comfy spot to lay, and fall in love with Damien and Dahlia like I did! I can’t wait for, Lust, the next installment in the Vegas Nights series.
  • A Scorching Love/Hate Relationship

    By Rochelle's Reviews
    I am a woman who doesn't feel strongly about material things such as shoes, purses, and earrings...the list could go on and on. But give me a book, especially one penned by Emma Hart and I am gushing with delight and receiving amused glances from people all around me as I act like a little kid in a candy store. I know that when I start reading a new story by Emma, that I will be transported to a fictional world with the perfect blend of heat, sarcasm, and heart! Emma takes readers back to Vegas to meet two bar owners with troubled pasts, differing views on their businesses, and enough heat to compete with fourth of July fireworks. Damien and Dahlia keep readers twisted up in sweaty sheets and melting with their heated words and sinful moves. Dahlia Lloyd is a twenty-five year old who has endured the loss of not one but two parents and finds herself the owner of a sought after and popular bar The Scarlet Letter with no intention of selling or associating with the “fox” that wants to buy her establishment. That is until she meets him and he fuels her temper and her body at the same time. I adore everything about Dahlia! I love me a strong willed heroine and Dahlia has that in spades! Girlfriend is an intelligent, bookworm with a whole lot of class and sass! Damien Fox is a little harder to get to know but when you get underneath that cold persona that he shows the world, you see a hero that you want to give and receive attention from. He charms the reader and Dahlia with that sexy smirk, gorgeous body, and devilish eyes filled with amusement. Before you know it, your head over heels in love with the fox with no hope of saving yourself from his suave, black suit wearing self. I can't resist a man that exudes confidence, brains, and muscles to die for! Emma Hart delivers a stellar, steamy start to her new series Vegas Nights that hooks readers in from the beginning. What's not to love about all the verbal foreplay, scorching scenes, and a bar filled with books? I highly recommend Sin for a couple that brings the scorching temperatures, humor, and emotion that we have come to know and love from Emma's larger than life characters and amazing story lines. She never fails to lure us in and make us want to pull up a chair and stay and fall in love all over again!
  • Sexy new must read!

    By Mrsdiddy
    4 Stars! Emma Hart brings us another witty, sexy, story, this time set in Vegas! This story of hate-to-love is filled with biting, snarky, verbal foreplay. Hart's easy-flowing writing moves this story along at the perfect pace. The attraction between Dahlia and Damien is there from the beginning, but their road is not easy. There are secrets and emotions and family secrets standing in their way. The book keeps you on the hook, reading and reading, feeling all the feels as you root for D & D to get their stuff together and move forward. A must-read first in a new series from the talented Emma Hart!
  • Witty and Sexy

    By KissyBooks
    EMMA FREAKIN' HART! As a longtime fan of the author, I was SO excited to see Sin was coming. Ms. Hart writes fun, insanely sexy books, and SIN is no exception. Humor, wit, scorching sexy times, and an engaging, addictive, story line. That's what you get with SIN. Damien and Dahlia tell this story from both of their POV's. Damien is trying to purchase Dahlia's bar that she inherited from her parents who have passed. The two of them just ooze chemistry and light up the pages when they are together. Dahlia was so incredibly strong and independent for what she has been through in her short life. Damien was hard, and kind of a jerk, but he morphs into such a dreamy book boyfriend. SIN has it all. INCREDIBLE writing, well-paced storyline, and characters you want to go meet at the bar and drink with. This book is the first in a series, and I'm already salivating at the thought of the next book. 5 sexy stars from me, and recommended to the reader looking for a sensual romance, and witty characters.
  • Awesome 5 star read!!!!!

    By Mari360
    Sin is book 1 in the Vegas nights series by Emma Hart. In this book we meet Dahlia Lloyd and Damien Fox. This is a enemies to lovers book. Dahlia is just getting back to work after a hiatus because of the passing of her father. The only reason she returned was because Damien was harassing her employees. Damien has a preconceived image of Dahlia owning a bar. We see how his pursuit of trying to buy the bar they start feeling something more than just hate. Damien is walking around with heavy loads on his shoulder. He has a broken heart and broken spirit. Damien has such a way with words and Dahlia is as sassy as they come. Together they are explosive. Can these two find solace with each other? Can they let go of the past to create something wonderful. This is an awesome 5 star read!!!! Emma Hart has yet to disappoint. Can't wait for book 2.
  • SIN has everything I love in a contemporary romance--my favorite Emma Hart book yet!

    By ESherrell490
    This book was SINFULLY amazing! A perfect enemies-to-lovers story that I loved, and never wanted to end. “The only appropriate rhetorical question right now is me asking you how painful you’d like your death to be. If I’m going, you’re coming with me.” Dahlia Lloyd is one feisty lady. I wanna be her when I grow up! I loved her witty, take charge attitude. She kept me entertained throughout the enter book with her snarky remarks. Also, the strength and determination to not submit to Damien’s want of taking her family legacy was admirable. Emma created the perfect heroine in Dahlia. “Fools rushed in. Fools fell in love. Fools kept the scars. I didn’t want to be a fool. Not for him. Anyone but him. Yet, there I was.” Damien Fox—at first, I disliked him. I love an alpha, but with him it took a little growing on me. Arrogant, relentless, egotistical are words that strongly describe him. However, after peeling back some layers, along with learning about his past and demons, I quickly grew to love him! "Just as I feared, he held me together. Just when I thought I'd break, he held my cracks together, far more tenderly than I'd ever imagined he was capable of." I loved the push and pull of Dahlia and Damien's relationship--and also the different sides they brought out in each other. SIN has everything I love in a contemporary romance—it's sexy, filled with witty banter, wildly entertaining, and has two incredibly written characters that I adored. Hands-down my favorite Emma Hart book to date!