Water Under the Bridge by Britney King

Water Under the Bridge

By Britney King

  • Release Date: 2016-10-25
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 93 Ratings
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“This book consumed my life and left me speechless, breathless, and questioning everything I ever thought possible.” ~Saints and Sinners Books

“A heart-stopping love story with a dark yet surprisingly unique twist that will leave you craving more.” ~B’s Book Blog


My whole life I’ve wanted nothing more than to fit in.
Only, my whole life I’ve done anything but.
That’s probably because I’m anything but average. After all—female serial killers seem to be a minority in today’s society.
And that’s ok—because I’ve longed for a change for quite some time now.
Which brings me back around to fitting in.
You know what one has to do to fit in?
I do.
One has to blend.
Which is great news!
Because I realize my clock is ticking, so to speak, and now I want a family. Luckily, I’ve always been good at getting what I want.
So I figure what better place to blend than suburbia?
All that stuff I did before—it’s water under the bridge now. I just hope it’s not too late to change my ways. Here’s to hoping for suburbia’s sake, too.
I mean, what are the odds I could be the girl next door?
Apparently, they’re better than you might think.


Your whole life you’ve wanted to fit in. 
Only your whole life you’ve done anything but.
That’s probably because you’re anything but average— you’re a killer— but, then so am I.
You say you’ve longed for a change for quite some time now. 
This is good because, well, me too. 
Your clock is ticking, you want a family, but you waste so much time. 
I know because I’m watching, waiting, blending. 
What you don’t realize is if you want me, and I think you do, then you'll have to change your ways because sometimes hunters become hunted. 
But what are the odds of that happening in suburbia? 
Apparently, they’re better than you might think.


  • Loved it!

    By JLTStgo91
    Very good; keeps you on the edge of your seat; amazing story! Made me want my train rides to be longer so I could keep reading!
  • Til' death do they part...compete for the death

    By Annmric8
    Water Under the Bridge was about two characters who hunt for a living. Both wanting to find someone to share similar secrets with. Someone who understood why they have those secrets. Kate and Jude wanted a divorce but in the state of Texas the judge ruled six months of marriage counseling. The counselor assigned them a writing assignment explaining how they met. Water Under the Bridge was a story about show Kate and Jude went from being killers to a married couple to a couple seeking divorce. This is the story about how Kate, the killer and Jude, the killer met. WUTB was a shady love story about an unconventional married couple. It was told in a unique point of view alternating between Kate and Jude. Basically, Kate told her story about how she met Jude while Jude did the same. It was like they were talking to each other. This was book 1 in the Water Trilogy. This was a psychological thriller except I found it comical. The comedy was in the way they described each other's actions and behavior. A true married couple bickering over the way they kill. Once these two were paired together the craziness began. Kate was unstable with her emotions and quick to kill. Jude was calculated and premise in his kills until Kate botched up his plans. Kate's character used unconventional methods to find herself a husband. They knowingly marry each other despite the hunt and crave to kill. Britney illustrated the fragile mind of a killer and the motivating irritations of others behaviors and actions that set off Kate's desire to kill. These characters play a mind game with each other only they are privy to. Britney added her twisted concept of two killers wanting a normal life of marriage, kids, and family without sacrificing the kill.
  • Woah!

    By No bkgd girl
    I read a minimum of 10 books a week. And since I've been doing that for quite a few years now, it makes it hard to find something fresh. Britney King fully surprised me with this book. It's been almost 3 months since I first read this as I write this review and still just saying because her of this book in my history makes me smile.
  • Woah

    By Gigglypeople
    Great read. I had no expectations going into the book, but it grabbed my attention and I couldn't help but have to finish the series. Bought and read all the books in a week, truly unique way to tell an interesting story. I highly suggest indulging yourself into the series.
  • Love these books

    By Aubrey Gilmore
    Very different read. Beautifully written.
  • Unpredictable!

    By Kristileeg
    I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the characters and their suburban life. Every time I thought I knew the direction the book would take, it took a new twist.
  • Water Under the Bridge by Brittany King

    By Proctorasshole
    A new approach for the readers who love ebooks more than movies to completely be entertained with a slight twist on characters that read like a Dexter murder psychological thriller The great catch is finding his nemesis in life to share the business together. Definitely a hot buttered popcorn moment. KSW
  • WUTB

    By MistTurn8
    This book had me from the get go! The complexity of each character was amazingly well done. I fell in love with both Kate and Jude. Can't wait to start the next book.
  • Loved this story! Can't wait for the next one!

    By Kimmiesue525
    Really engaging, getting into the mindset of these two people. You never really know who's got the upper hand. Now...on to the next one!
  • Wow

    By Xcskiqueen
    Beautifully written, savagely gripping, a page-turner and a fantastic ride to the end. Haven't read a free book like this one in quite some time-so thank you, Ms. King, for the journey! I'm buying the next one.